FRA prevents hunger on the Copperbelt

Going by its usual bestself FRA has quickly averted looming hunger on the Copperbelt province by offloading over 30,000 mt of maize to CB based millers. The intervention by FRA was prompted by a request by Government through CB Province Minister Hon. Japhen Mwakalombe.


At a recent press briefing held at the FRA headquarters late last month, the CB Minister confirmed that millers had approached him and the Republican President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu to intervene in the perceived shortage of maize for millers to mill.

“Today, Copperbelt Minister I am proud to announce that the Government of His Excellency Edgar Chag

wa Lungu has directed the FRA to release maize to selected millers in my province”, said Mr. Mwakalombe.

Mr. Mwakalombe further warned millers to ensure that mealie meal was reasonably priced and available in shops.

In response, the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) chairman Mr. Andrew Chintala assured the Minister that it would not disappoint the Government. Mr. Chintala said that one reason why there was a shortage of maize on the Copperbelt was because the millers could not use the Pedical road via Congo DR when hauling maize from the Northern and Muchinga provinces, and hoped that the challenge could be resolved soon.

Mr. Mwakalombe later handed over a contract for the delivery of 1000mt to Shimaini milling of the Copperbelt to its representative.

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