Market Information


  1. Roles of the Unit

Maintains database

The Unit collects marketing information from

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within the country, sub-region and the outside world in order to create and update the database.

Monitors stock levels

The Unit monitors crop purchases, imports, exports and utilization in order to get stock level information and food balance sheet.

Designs data collection systems

The Unit designs systems for collection of data on stocks and prices of designated crops held by farmers, private traders, commodity houses and warehouses..

Analyses data

The unit analyses trends in production, price, marketing and utilization of designated crops.

Provides data to stakeholders

The Unit provides input to the National Stocks Committee in order to forecast on the food supply and demand situation and hence assist in the mitigation of disaster management

Prepares stock reports

The Unit prepares monthly, quarterly and other adhoc reports on Food Reserve Agency marketing activities for information to stakeholders.

  1. Historical Data
  • National Maize Production Vs FRA Maize Purchases, 2005 to 2016










  1. Maize and Rice Agency Prices from 2008 to 2016








  • Maize Imports and Exports, 2005 to 2016










  1. Latest Updates
  • Maize Purchases
  • 2016 National Maize Purchases: 269,419 MT
  • Target Quantity: 1,000,000 MT
  • Progression on Target quantity: 27%
  • Highest Region: Northern Province
  • Value of Crop Purchased: K458,012,385.00
  • Funds disbursed: K73,156,773.44