The Food Reserve and Marketing department is charged with the core responsibility of managing the national strategic food reserves. The department is composed of four units, namely: Standards and Quality, Market Information, Operations and Monitoring and Evaluation.

The staff establishment in the department is 116 permanent staff. During the peak season, the department hires over 6,000 seasonal employees.


  • Administer the national strategic food reserves
  • Establish a market information system of stocks for the national strategic food reserve
  • Purchase, import, sell or trade in designated agricultural commodities


Purpose of the national strategic food reserve:

  • Ensure a reliable supply of designated agricultural commodities for the country
  • Meet local shortfalls in the supply of a designated agricultural commodity
  • Meet such other food emergencies caused by draught or flood, or by such other natural disaster, as may be declared by the President
  • Correct problems relating to the supply of designated agricultural commodities which result from manipulation of prices or monopolistic trading practices


Standards and Quality

The Standards and Quality Unit spearheads the promotion and use of approved standards of weighing and grading for designated agricultural commodities in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act and the Standards Act.


Market Information

The Market Information Unit manages and maintains a market information system on crop marketing of designated agricultural commodities.



The Operations Unit is responsible for all logistics related to the identification and operation of buying depots, purchase and sale of designated agricultural designated commodities and assessment and determination of optimum strategic reserve stock levels held in the provinces.


Monitoring and Evaluation

The unit is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the FRA Annual Work Plans and crop marketing activities in accordance with the strategic objectives of the FRA