Human Resource Unit






  • The Agency is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • It Recruits everywhere in the country and reaches all districts in Zambia and in the rural areas empowering people both on long term or short term during the marketing seasons.
  • Our Total Compensation Package is key to our recruitment and retention strategies
  • We support the development of our staff through a well designed Training and Development Policy


  • The Agency workforce contains a mix of Long and Fixed term employees on fixed term employment contracts.
  • Every year from June the Unit recruits over 6,000 employees during the marketing season to procure the Strategic Food Reserves.
  • Employees from domiciled areas are given priority in order to reach out and empower people in rural areas.

























  • ORGANISATION AND JURISDICTION The Human Resource Unit provides Human Resource and Administrative Support Services to the Agency by recruiting, developing and managing the human resources and ensuring their retention.   The Office of Human Resource is supervised by the Human Resource Coordinator who serves as a link between management and employees.
  • The Human Resource Coordinator is responsible for establishing and implementing strategies for human resources of the Agency providing guidance and advisory services to both management and employees in the Agency.
  • Human Resource Planning and Resourcing

The Unit ensures that the Agency acquires people with requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and              competencies and manages them in a manner that leads to achievements of the Agency goals.

  • Performance Management

HR ensures that the Agency has a set of ongoing management practices  that help ensure employees get the direction, feedback and development   they need to succeed in their roles.   It Champions the successful   performance management process.

  • Reward Management

Manages a total compensation program that is competitive and ensures retention of employees.

  • Employee Relations

Develops and implement strategies to improve relations between and amongst managers, and staff, including initiatives to promote team building and synergies among staff in the Agency.

üStaff discipline

Is the custodian of disciplinary and grievance procedures   and

policies and is mandated to interpret and administer the process accordingly.

üEnsuring Compliance with Labour laws


        Is responsible for ensuring that management and staff comply with the

various Government regulations regarding all human resource procedures

and are compliant with labour legislation.

  • Employee Training and Development

The Unit manages the employee training and development which is aimed at building

the capacity to deliver Agency objectives and implements a coordinated Training

framework for training programs related to Agency Training policies.

  • HR Policy Development

The Unit reviews and updates policies and practices on all HR related areas      based on best practice research, past experience and client feedback.

HR Communication

  • Develops and implement an integrated HR communications strategy to ensure timely and relevant information is provided to employees to keep them up to date, and reinforces key messages.
  • Develops ongoing systems to determine client department and employee feedback, engagement and morale issues and implement changes to address opportunities identified.



Occupational Health & Safety

  • The Agency underscores the importance of being a responsible employer and regards the health and safety of its employees to be vital in achieving its goals. The Agency continuously enhance the health and safety, of its employees and their family members through implementation of various health care and health promotion facilities and an integrated safe environment.


Staff Wellness Programmes

  • The Unit has a role to play and is committed to the overall well being of all employees to ensure a healthier and productive workforce a comprehensive approach requires the involvement of many within the Agency. As a Unit we are committed to developing policy, wellness initiatives.

Staff Welfare

  • Team Building
  • The Agency holds team building activities to provide a work environment that is conducive for employees and ensure that work life balance is maintained