Information Technology Unit




Information and Communication Technologies Unit is a Unit that is tasked with overall management of telecommunications infrastructure. The IT infrastructure includes various software applications, hardware, internet, conversional telephones and VoIP telephones, messaging systems, cellular phones and many other technological assets.

The Unit manages the IT infrastructure with due diligence and care and takes appropriate measures to safeguard these assets to ensure continued delivery of services optimally.


 Executive Director

 System Administrator

 Networks Engineer

IT Officer

IT Support Assistants x12 (Regional Offices) IT Support Assistants x4 (Head Office)


Functions of the ICT Unit

  1. Hardware maintenance and repairs
  2. Liaise with Property on the software licensing for weighbridges
  3. Formulation and enforcement of the Agency’s  ICT policy
  4. Budgeting of the ICT infrastructure both software and hardware
  5. Compliance and licensing of  ICT infrastructure
  6. Management of farmer payment systems
  7. Liaising with various service providers
  8. End user training
  9. Local Area and Wide Area Network Management
  10. Provide technical support to the Agency’s Website and Email systems
  11. Conduct ICT inventory management
  12. Recommend user ICT equipment and software
  13. Management of system backup and restore procedures and plans
  14. Conduct research and tests on ICT infrastructure to be acquired

Projects undertaken

  1. VoIP telephone network
  2. Virtual Private Network
  3. Food Reserve Management Information System (FRMIS)-Now retired
  4. Website
  5. Cloud based data storage with Netone
  6. Local Area Network upgrade at HQ
  7. Fiber Optic installation at HQ

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

The ERP project has reached the implementation stage. The ERP software automates the Agency’s main operations. The brand name of the ERP we are implementing is the Sage 300 ERP.

The Departments and Units automated are:

  • Food Reserve and marketing (FRMD)
  • Finance
  • Audit
  • Procurement
  • Stores
  • Human Resource
  • Registry
  • Property
  • Legal


There are several ERP Modules being implemented for Departments/Units as below:

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Cashbook
  4. Project and Job Costing
  5. Sage VIP Payroll
  6. Sage VIP Human Resource
  7. Asset Management
  8. Procurement Management
  9. Stores Management
  10. General Ledger
  11. Point of Sale
  12. Retail Management System
  13. Electronic Document Management system

Regions already Implemented with Sage 300 ERP:

Areas Covered by the Sage 300 ERP


  1. Lusaka
  2. Southern B (Monze)
  3. Southern A (Choma)
  4. Central
  5. Muchinga
  6. Northern
  7. Eastern A (Chipata)
  8. Eastern B (Petauke)
  9. Copperbelt
  10. Western
  11. Luapula
  12. North Western

Upcoming Project – Extending Sage 300 ERP to Satellite Depots

Our upcoming main project in year 2018 is to extend the functionality of the Sage 300 ERP to the Satellite Depots. We intend to achieve this by making use of the Personal Document Assistants (PDAs) to capture information. The PDAs will capture all information pertaining to transactions that occur at the satellite depot. It will have an inbuilt printer to print Purchase Receipt and Certification Notes (PRCNs) which are issued to farmers as proof of having delivered crop. The transactions will automatically update the HQ servers in Lusaka directly.

See the diagram of how this will function…Watch this Space!!!