Property Management Department


  • Asset and Inventory Management
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Property Maintenance
  • Leasing


To Manage and develop infrastructure and equipment for the Agency


  • Development and management of the national storage facilities and grain handling equipment and other properties belonging to the Agency.


  • The operational structural for Property Management Department is comprised of both permanent and temporary staff. The department is headed by the Property Manager and supported by technical staff comprising Civil Engineers, a Quantity Surveyor, Civil Engineering Technologists, Electrical and Mechanical Technicians. The Workshop also under Property Management Department is headed by the Workshop Foreman, Auto Mechanics and Workshop Handymen.
  • The Department also has an array of temporary staff stationed in the regions. These are weighbridge operators, caretakers, welders and carpenters.
































































































































  • This exercise is undertaken every year prior to the commencement of the marketing/buying season.
  • Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) are mandated to assize and calibrate all weighing equipment.
  • The scales are assized and calibrated to ensure that the Agency procures the correct weights of the commodities.



























































Fire fighting Equipment

  • Servicing of fire Extinguishers countrywide

PMD Current Activities

  • Implementation of Investment Plan
  • In House Routine Maintenance Works
  • In House Construction Works
  • Outsourced construction works
  • Motor vehicle Acquisition and maintenance
  • Scale calibration and Assizing
  • Silo Maintenance (Lusaka Mungwi Silo)
  • Equipment maintenance e.g. Stacking machines


  • Re-measurement and reconciliation of accounts for recovery of funds for terminated contracts;
  • Delineation and surveys for FRA Depots countrywide;
  • Disposal of motor vehicles and other Assets;
  • In house training of caretakers;
  • Development of the Health ,Safety and Environment policy for the Agency.
















Mechanical Workshop























  • The Food Reserve Agency at its creation in 1996 inherited various Government owned agricultural storage facilities comprising grain sheds, grain silos and hard standing slabs through a Statutory Instrument S.I No. 145 of 1996. Most of these storage facilities were old and dilapidated and other had very small capacities to be of any significant use to the Agency. When the Agency took over the storage facilities the serviceable secure storage capacity was only 650,500 Metric Tonnes.
  • Most of these storage facilities were located in the Southern part of the country and along the line of rail leaving other parts of the country, with increasing productivity, with insufficient or no storage facilities at all. The country’s production patterns have since shifted towards the northern half of the country which traditionally was a low production area.
  • The Agency from its inception has endeavored to meet the country’s growing storage need by rehabilitating the existing storage facilities and developing new one in high productive areas.
  • This has increased the storage capacity from 650,500 Metric Tons to about 865,500 Metric Tonnes of covered storage.
  • However, even with this increase the country’s storage capacity and distribution of the storage facilities is still insufficient to meet the growing national requirement for agricultural storage.
  • The Agency has been using hard standing slabs covering with tarpaulins and where possible has been renting private owned sheds .
  • This has proved to be very costly and additionally, the quality of the storage facilities is mostly of inferior standards.
  • This has resulted in the Agency experiencing huge post-harvest losses due to rapid deterioration of the crop quality and increased theft.
  • Occasionally the Agency has had to move the crop to distant depots with secure storage hence incurring huge transportation cost.
  • In view of the growing national need for agricultural storage which has been made apparent with the bumper harvests experienced in the last four years, and following the Presidential directive to construct more storage facilities during the President’s speech when his Excellency the Late Republican President, President Michael Sata, was opening Parliament in September, 2012, the Agency in response to achieving this mammoth task drew up an investment plan to develop its storage capacity to a minimum of 2 million Metric Tonnes by the year 2018. This is also in line with its strategic plan for 2014-18.
    • The Food Reserve Agency has now partnered with China CAMC Engineering Company, a Chinese state owned Firm, to Construct 7 new grain silo complex depots in Chinsali, Kalomo, Kaoma, Kasama, Mansa, Mufumbwe and Petauke and also to rehabilitate the disused grain silos in Chisamba and Monze.
    • The financing of the project will be through a Chinese credit facility from the Export Import (EXIM) Bank of China.


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