Welcome to Food Reserve Agency

Food Reserve Agency (FRA) was established as the implementing arm of the Food Reserve Act of April 1995 with its headquarters in Lusaka.

Strategic Mission

To be an organization that efficiently manages sustainable National Strategic Food Reserves, ensuring National Food Security and Income through the provision of complementary and high quality marketing and storage services, in line with international standards.



Core  Values

 Efficiency- ensuring a profitable relationship between operational inputs and outputs.

• Sustainable– striving to ensure self-sustenance in the long term.

• Competitive/complementary– allowing for free entry and exit of players in the agriculture market.

Co- existing with private sector players based on operational efficiency.

• Quality- conduct the outputs based on internationally acceptable standards and best practices.

• Broad-based – inclusive of disadvantaged groups such as women, smallholder farmers and traders, HIV/AIDS affected farmers in remote areas.

• Wealth creation– building long lasting assets for farmers, traders and industry for sustainable livelihoods.

• Transparency– Above board in market behavior and corporate governance.


To become a relevant and reliable component of the agri-business sector in Zambia, contributing to National Economic Development, Ensuring participation in agriculture marketing, by managing the Strategic Food Reserves in a transparent, efficient and sustainable manner

Strategic Goal

To significantly contribute to the stabilization of National Food Security and market prices of designated crops through the establishment and sustenance of a sizable and diverse National Strategic Food Reserve in Zambia by 2010.