The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has noted the concerns from farmers that delivered their white maize to satellite depots countrywide and that the Agency was not buying anymore having reached its target. Farmers have further expressed concerns that they may have no market for their delivered maize and that if the maize is not bought by the Agency immediately with the onset of the rains, this will pause serious challenges and crop loss.

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Arising from this, the Agency will immediately resume the purchasing of maize but these purchases will be RESTRICTED to maize already delivered to various satellite depots countrywide. No new deliveries will be bought by the Agency.

Further, farmers are urged to exercise patience with regards to the delivery of empty grain bags as the Agency has continued delivering them as and when received from suppliers. It’s worth noting that FRA bags take a bit of time to manufacture as they are special bags specially meant for long term storage of grain hence the seeming delay in the deliveries of the bags to depots.

                                                      John Chipandwe – Public Relations Coordinator