The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) is looking for agricultural storage space or facilities to rent for purposes of storing its maize and paddy rice procured during the 2021 Crop Marketing Season. The storage facilities should be located in the areas indicted below:

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Storage Capacity – Facilities should have a storage minimum square area of 300 square area for those located in rural areas and 1,000 square area and above for urban areas.

Types of Storage Facilities – The facilities can either be Sheds or Silos with concrete floors, good ventilation, well secured doors, good lighting with proper access roads for ease of loading and off-loading stocks. Facilities should also have adequate ablution facilities for both security personnel and other staff that will be stationed there. 

Rental Charges – FRA guiding rates shall depend on the current market rates per location. The recommended rates are inclusive of Withholding Tax and Value Added Tax.

Duration of Lease – The facilities must be available for lease for a minimum period of one year.

Method of Application 

Interested organizations or landlords should submit written offers to:

The Executive Director 

Food Reserve Agency  

  1. O. Box 34054

Plot No. 7419

Manda Road Industrial Area 

Lusaka or send by email to

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